Google+ will allow pseudonyms in the future

While it may be a few months away, Google is working on a way to allow pseudonyms in Google+, which is a move that many people are happy to see.

However, Google’s Vic Gundotra said that they’re still working on how exactly to handle the situation, and it appears it’ll be a few months before the new feature goes live.  Google now admits that there are legitimate reasons that people might want to use alternate names, so they’re going to make it happen.  Better late than never, right?

Google Apps support coming to Google+ in a matter of days

Not much to say here, but it’s good news — at the web 2.0 summit, Vic Gundotra said that support for Google Apps users on Google+ would be here “imminently”.  He later clarified to say that he simply meant it’d be sometime in the next few days.

Google Apps users rejoice!

Two great new Google+ features: real-time search and hashtag support

A couple of great new Google+ features were released today.

Real-time search

When you search for something, the results page will notify you of new results while you’re on it.  If you choose to display them, then the screen will automatically scroll as additional results come in.  As Vic mentions in the video below, this is a great feature when watching a TV show, following a sporting event, etc.

Improved support for hashtags

While Google still doesn’t recognize the hash symbol in search results (a search for “#tips” will return posts with “tips” or “#tips”), but now those hashtags are automatically linked in your posts.

Check out the video below for a quick tour of the new features.