Google+ for Android gets new post abilities, moderation and more

android-13013A new update for the Google+ Android app has just rolled out, bringing with it a few nice new features:

  • Support for adding a link when creating a post
  • New notifications tray (now slides in from the right)
  • Additional Community moderation features (remove spam posts from the app)

In addition, the folks at GooglePlusDaily have found a few more updates including a search button in the navigation ribbon and seemingly some nice performance tweaks to help things run more smoothly.

You can grab the latest version of the app from Google Play here.

Small Google+ update; notifications in your browser tab

Here’s a small but very cool update.  While we all know the red notification box follows you around on Google properties, but what happens when you’re on a non-Google site? (it happens sometimes)

While there are browser extensions that can help, Google has made a subtle change to the page title of Google+ that updates when you get a new notification.  Notice the small “(1)” in my browser tab seen here:

It’s nice that it puts it at the beginning of the title so that it’s still visible even if you have a lot of tabs open and it gets squished down a good bit.

(via +Ahmed Zeeshan)

Don’t Disable Google+ Notifications — Filter Them!

If you’re on Google+, you’ve probably been hit by a deluge of notification emails. Google+ user Jacqueline Passey Mason advises not to disable them, but simply to filter them better.  I had been a “disabler” until I read her post, and now I’m convinced to switch.

By default, Google+ sends you an email every time you get a new comment, add, etc. Some people find the frequency of these updates annoying and thus turn them off.

But until Google adds search capabilities to Google+, I think it’s best to leave your notifications turned on. That way you can still search your emails for comment text, when someone added you, etc.

If you are a Gmail user — and most of us are, right? — you can create a Filter that will automatically tag and archive your Google+ notifications. That way, they don’t bother you (mine don’t even get sent to my Android phone now), but they’re still available if/when you want to search them.

Here’s how to set up this Filter in Gmail:
1) Click on the small, blue “Create a filter” link above your Gmail inbox. It should be just to the right of the buttons labeled “Search Mail” and “Search the Web”.
2) In the “From:” box, enter “(Google+)” (without quotations)
3) Click the “Next Step” button
4) Check the box for “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)”
5) Check the box for “Apply the label:”
6) To the right of the “Apply the label:” line, click on the drop-down box and then select “New label…” A “New Label” dialogue box will pop up.
7) In the “Please enter a new label name:” box, enter a tag name for your Google+ notifications. I call mine simply, “Google+ Notifications”.
8) Click “Create”. This will close the “New Label” dialogue box.
9) If you already have some Google+ notifications in your Inbox that you would like to archive, check the box (on the lower right) for “Also apply filter to ### conversations below.”
10) Click the “Create Filter” button.

There! Now your Google+ notifications are out of sight and out of mind (and hopefully no longer buzzing your phone every few seconds!), but all the information contained in them is archived in your Gmail and available to be searched in the future, should the need arise.

That makes sense to me.  How are you handling all of the notifications?

Five privacy settings you need to know about in Google+

Google has done a great job building privacy into Google+.  From the circles to the sharing, it’s been very well thought out.

However, privacy isn’t a simple thing.  To that extent, Google has given you quite a few options to adjust the privacy of your account to your liking.  NetworkWorld has written a nice post that explains how to tackle five privacy features that you need to know about:

  1. How to Prevent Anyone on Google+ from Emailing You
  2. How to Selectively Disable Post Resharing on Google+
  3. How to Disable Google+ Email Notifications
  4. How to Export Your Google+ Data
  5. How to Quit Google+
Check out their full post for details.  Any other privacy tips you’ve come across that are helpful?