New version of the Google+ iPhone app released

Google just pushed out a fresh version of the Google+ iOS app, and it has some much-needed improvements:


  • Support for iPod touch & iPad devices
  • Hide one-on-one Huddles
  • Customize the main stream view to show streams from individual circles
  • Start a new Huddle from profile
  • Set permissions for who can start a huddle with you
  • Fix for +mentions
  • Various speed and performance improvements
The iPad support and performance improvements are huge!  If you have an iOS device, you should be able to find the updated app in the app store.

Google+ iPhone app finally released!

Apple has just approved the Google+ iOS app, and you can get it now!  Here is the iTunes link, and the application is free of charge.

It seems quite similar to the Android app, which is a good thing. Slashgear has a good look at the app. iOS users, try it out and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Google+ “Hangouts” will be open for integration into other products

If you’ve spent much time in Google+, you’ve probably discovered that Hangouts are one of the best new features in there.  We’ve now learned, via Justin Uberti’s blog, that they’ll be opening it up so other services can interoperate with Hangouts.

As Janko Roettgers of GigaOM says:

Opening up Hangouts could be a boon for developers of smaller third-party apps and possibly even kick-start the development of mobile clients (the feature is currently only usable from the desktop), but bigger competitors can’t be happy about this idea.

It could be killer.  Even if Google doesn’t have plans for mobile hangouts, I’m sure some developers will do their best to post it over to iPad/Honeycomb and other tablet (or even phone-based) operating systems.

Have you tried a Hangout yet?  What do you think of this latest developement?