Quick Google+ Tips: Deleting comments, hiding circle info

A few nice tips from Google Software Engineer Yonatan Zunger:

– If someone particularly makes a particularly obnoxious comment on your post (since alas, this is the Internet) you can delete it. Go to the little circle-and-triangle menu, and there’s an option to “remove or report comments,” and then you can nuke them one at a time.

– If you edit your profile and click on the set of people in your circles, you can control whether or not people can discover who is in your circles. Note that even if it’s public, this just lets people know “Bob is in your circles” – it never reveals which circle people are in. (So it’s completely OK to have a “Jerks, but I want to know what they’re saying” circle.) I’d actually recommend leaving this fairly open; that way, people can go through you and find more people they know. I’ve got mine set so that my circles are visible to other people in my circles.

But one particularly useful thing you can do with this is to change the visibility on a per-circle basis. In particular, you can have some circles that anyone can find out about, some circles which are connections that only other people in your circles can know about, and some circles whose membership is completely private: nobody but you will know that you’re following those people. If you have relationships you’re not comfortable broadcasting, use this feature, it gives you flexibility.

At the moment, changing the visibility of a circle does not make it completely private: it will keep the members of that circle from showing up on your profile, but not keep you from showing up on their profiles as someone following them.

– If you want to know how many people are following you, go to your circles page instead of your profiles page. It’s a minor bug which should be fixed soon, but the number on the profiles page tends to be somewhat out-of-date and skew low, especially if you’re gaining followers rapidly.

Good stuff — thanks for sharing, Yonatan!

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