Shared posts now link back to the originals

This is a minor update, but it's one that solves frustration for many users.  When you see a post that has been shared, the text now includes a link back to the original post, as seen here:For those times when you stumble upon an old share, … [Continue reading]

Google+ is now open for teens

In move that we've anticipated for a while, Google+ is now open to everyone 13 and over, rather than the 18 and over policy they've had until this point.  Specifically, Google+ is now available to anyone that is old enough to have a Google Account, … [Continue reading]

Google+ now supports nicknames

In a lengthy post today on Google+, Bradley Horowitz unveiled another tweak to Google's name policy -- nicknames are now allowed, as long as they're with your full name.  In other words, you still can't (yet) become anonymous, but it's easier to … [Continue reading]

A ton of Google+ video tutorials to help you out

I've created quite a few video tutorials on Google+ over the past few months (along with a handful about other services such as Facebook and Twitter), so decided to put them all in one place for easy access --!Of the 65 tutorials … [Continue reading]

Barack Obama plans to “hang out” next Monday

In another nice score for Google+, President Obama plans to take part in a Google+ hangout for 45 minutes on Monday, January 30.  You can submit questions to the president via YouTube, and he'll answer them in the hangout.  Some of the users that … [Continue reading]

Google+ reaches 90 million users

Google+ now has 90 million users, according to a statement that Google released today: Google had a really strong quarter ending a great year. Full year revenue was up 29%, and our quarterly revenue blew past the $10 billion mark for the first … [Continue reading]

Video status updates arrive on Google+

Similar to the popular feature on YouTube, you can now record video directly from a Google+ status update.  Here's how it looks:It's a cool feature, but I'm not sure I'd ever use it .  Will you?(via RWW) … [Continue reading]

Lady Gaga joins Google+

Probably influenced by the big changes Google has made to the search results in the past week, +Lady Gaga has joined Google+.  Whether you care for her music or not isn't the main story here -- simply the fact she joined is a good sign for the … [Continue reading]

Hashtag Auto-complete in Google+

One of the cool things about Google+ is all of the little things they continue to add to the service.  Today is a great example of that, especially for those of you that like to use hashtags.In short, you can start typing a hashtag (like #SOPA) … [Continue reading]

Easily add text to your Google+ photos

Google just added a cool little feature that allows you to add text to your photos after you've uploaded them.  It works very simply; just click the "add text" link below your photo, as shown here:The feature is rolling out over the next few … [Continue reading]