Nice updates to the Google+ Android app today

Google has just pushed out an update to the Google+ Android app, with a handful of nice improvements.  You still can’t share posts or +1 comments, but they’ve tightened up quite a few things.

  1. Improved notifications reliability
  2. “_add to circle” notifications shown in bulk
  3. Share stream posts to individual people
  4. Clicking a +mention takes you to the person’s profile
  5. +mentions now autofill from your Circles
  6. Stream no longer resets to top when screen is rotated
  7. Nearby accuracy
  8. Start a 1:1 huddle from a person’s profile or a group huddle from a circle profile
  9. Hide 1:1 huddles
  10. Clickable links in huddles
  11. Improved autocomplete when adding a person to a huddle

Check for updates on your Android device, or you can get it from the Market here.

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