Google+ auto-upload from Android will blow your mind

Last night, my mind was officially blown.  I’ve been using the Google+ Android app for a while now, and the way it auto-uploads photos is great.  Last night, though, I shot some video clips of my daughter on my phone.  I thought that it would auto-upload them, but I wasn’t sure.

When I got home and logged into Google+, there they were.  Uploaded, processed and ready to share.  It took about 15 seconds to share them — clicked “share”, selected my “friends” and “family” circles, added a sentence about the video, and shared them.

Here’s the cool thing: No cables, no uploading, no memory cards, no syncing.  It just worked.  Brilliant.


  1. I agree, It’s awesome.

    To bad we can’t use our Google Apps accounts in G+. I don’t want another Picasa account for my photos.


  2. I do like that auto upload does not auto-share. That makes it much nicer…. just in case!

  3. david pina says:

    i love it but if when we delete one photo in google+ it does not delete in my android phone 🙁

  4. Can anyone please tell me how to stop this feature from functioning? I understand its a nice feature, but in my case its useful just some times because I am NOT taking photos to be uploaded and shared on google+, they have a different purpose. Please tell me how to stop this auto-upload.

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