Google+ Android app gets a nice update

Google has just pushed out another update to their Android app, making everything work just a little bit better.  Here’s the list of updates, from Google’s Robin Norvell:

Fun Features

  • Customize your Stream to show streams from individual circles (Stream>Menu>Manage Views)
  • New UI allows adding multiple people or entire circles to an existing group Huddle
  • Set photo as wallpaper (when viewing photo)

Good Fixes

  • Fixed some issues with the Swype keyboard
  • If someone you’ve never huddled with before invites you to a group Huddle, you can now dismiss the invitation
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app
Surprisingly, you still are unable to share posts or +1 a comment from within the app.  Still, this the third version of the app we’ve seen and Google is iterating quite quickly.  Now, if we can just get that iOS app released things will be moving along nicely.
The app should update on your phone from within the Android Market, or you can grab it from here.

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