A ton of Google+ video tutorials to help you out

I’ve created quite a few video tutorials on Google+ over the past few months (along with a handful about other services such as Facebook and Twitter), so decided to put them all in one place for easy access — ABrighterWeb.com!

Of the 65 tutorials available at launch, nearly half are focused on Google+.  If you have questions about any aspect of Google+, hopefully you can find the answer there.  If not, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us and we’ll certainly help you out.

We’re excited about the launch of this site, and hope that you find it to be a valuable tool.  Let us know what you think of it, and please offer suggestions for additional tutorials that we should add to the archive.  Thanks!

Video status updates arrive on Google+

Similar to the popular feature on YouTube, you can now record video directly from a Google+ status update.  Here’s how it looks:

It’s a cool feature, but I’m not sure I’d ever use it .  Will you?

(via RWW)