Now Google Docs is covered in Hangouts on Google Plus

Google has added a feature to Google Plus Hangouts which enables you to share your Google Docs documents, spreadsheets, and notes while you are in a Hangout. This is a great feature in Hangouts which seems to be a great way to your hangouts more efficient. With this new feature, now you can share your documents from Google Docs, create and upload new documents, and work with others jointly to edit documents when in a hangout with just a few clicks.

You can see that the new “Docs” button in Hangouts to deal with your Google Docs documents. By clicking that button, you can start to use this great new feature.

This new feature is likely to be beneficial particularly among teachers and students. Now students can do their studies more effectively by work in hangout groups or even joining sessions with their teachers.  Of course, this is an awesome feature for business professionals as well, and I can see my team using this quite a bit.