All Google products will eventually use Circles

This could be amazing.  According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, every product on Google will eventually move to support some of the Plus infrastructure, such as Circles.

I think Paul Allen summed it up best:

This is breathtaking. I have already built 54 circles. I can imagine being able to instantly share anything I find on Google News, Google Reader or YouTube (or any any web site that I access with Chrome or my mobile phone) with any of my carefully designed Circles. This is a knowledge worker’s dream. The signal to noise ratio in our various streams will improve dramatically.

Not only will this make those other products more useful to us Google+ users, but it will drive more of those users to try out Google+.  It really seems like a brilliant move from Google.  What do you think?


  1. I think this is a great move. Similar to Facebook, Google is trying to keep the traffic in their own ecosystem, boosting advertising potential. I already love the Spark’s feature and can’t wait to be able to share these things with my friends, family and co-workers. It is an exciting time to be a Google early adopter 🙂

    • Exactly. Not only will it make things easier for Google+ users, but actively promoting Google+ on huge sites like YouTube should only help the engagement of it.

  2. It still has the same problem as facebook’s group options. (which were once easy to get too – much like most of fb once was!!) People cba to put people in groups – it needs some sort of how do you know this person auto filters. or invisible people tagging!

    I’m already seeing a flood of useless links on g+ – people are posting the same as on twitter/fb except on g+ the articles are coming up huge!! instead of a small thumbnail or a shortened link.

    • That’s the beauty of g+ (and Facebook and Twitter, for that matter). If they’re continuing to post “useless links”, stop following them. 🙂


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  2. […] Google has said that many of the Google+ features (Circles, etc) will be making their way into virtually every Google product.  This will make use of those sites more enjoyable for g+ users (quickly share a YouTube video to a specific circle), and it’ll make it harder to avoid the service for everyone else. […]

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