A list of Google employees on Google+

Many people have been impressed with how many Google employees are on Google+, as well as how active they are.

Craig Kanalley has put together a great list of Google employees on Google+.  If you’d like to connect with any of them, here’s the list:

+Sergey Brin
+Larry Page

VPs/Senior VPs
+Vic Gundotra (Engineering)
+Bradley Horowitz (Product Management)
+Jeff Huber (Commerce & Local)
+Marissa Mayer (Local, Maps & Location Services)

Community Managers
+Melissa Daniels (Chrome OS)
+Brian Rose (Google+ Photos)
+Vanessa Schneider
+Toby Stein
+Natalie Villalobos

Product Managers
+Anish Acharya (Google+ Mobile)
+Shimrit Ben-Yair
+Frances Haugen (Google+ Profiles)
+Caroline McCarthy (Marketing)
+Jonathan McPhie
+Joe Rideout
+Punit Soni (Google+ Mobile)

Engineering Directors/Managers
+Chee Chew
+Dave Besbris
+Chris Millikin

Software Engineers
+Eric W. Barndollar (Google+)
+James Bogosian
+Andrew Bunner (Google+)
+David Byttow
+Eric Cattell (Social Graph Tech Lead)
+John Costigan (Google Profiles)
+Matt Cutts (Webspam)
+Pavan Desikan (Google+/Gmail)
+Kelly Ellis
+Trey Harris (Site Reliability)
+Griff Hazen
+Andy Hertzfeld
+Matt Keoshkerian
+Todd Knight
+Jean-Christophe Lilot
+Lan Liu
+Vincent Mo (Google+ Photos)
+Dobromir Montauk (Google+ Infrastructure)
+Stephen Ng (Gmail)
+Owen Prater
+Joseph Smarr (Technical)
+Martin Strauss
+Na Tang
+Yonatan Zunger (Social)

Consumer Operations Manager
+Michael Hermeston (Google+ Support)

Developer Advocates
+Chris Chabot (Developer Relations)
+Timothy Jordan

+Brett Lider (Product/User Experience)
+Jonathan Terleski (Google+)
+Charles Warren (User Experience Lead, Google Social)

Program Managers
+Julian Harris (Technical)
+Adam Lasnik (Google Map Maker)

Tech Lead Manager
+Natalie Glance (Google Shopping)
Test Engineer
+Erick Fejta (Tester for Google Storage)

Account Executive
+Dave Miller (Local & Education)

President, Enterprise
+Dave Girouard (Cloud Apps)

Great work, Craig!


  1. Maybe it’s just me or opera mobile… but if I click on any of the links to their profiles I am taken to my Google buzz stream, not my Google + one but the buzz one… bizarre?

  2. Add Andy Rubin to the list.

  3. saravanan says:

    Reading these people profile posts makes me loose time and get lost and feel great..

    great people of my time..

  4. Don’t forget…

    +Brad Adams (Product Manager) – https://plus.google.com/106920059607812615730
    +Kristoffer Sørensen (Online Marketing Strategist) – https://plus.google.com/100008438047495460295
    +Jay Runquist (Visual Designer) – https://plus.google.com/105786351081213582174
    +Andy Rubin (Bureau of Android Statistics) – https://plus.google.com/112599748506977857728
    +Benjamin Staffin (Systems Administrator) – https://plus.google.com/103046205364039460215
    +Robin Norvell (Mobile Products Support) – https://plus.google.com/117841284165024027243
    +Eider Oliveira (Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/102817996502246042660
    +Satyajeet Salgar (Product Manager) – https://plus.google.com/102725109790365996602
    +Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar (Google Southeast Asia) – https://plus.google.com/102579928162855977212
    +Yu Ping Hu (Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/118284288386771558227
    +David Plass (Senior Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/105345802582552529846
    +Sagar Kamdar (Product Manager) – https://plus.google.com/117275178813364561541
    +Will Norris (Developer Programs Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/111832530347449196055
    +Ben Saitz (Tech Services) – https://plus.google.com/104727718422077227100
    +Ye Kim (Staff UX Designer) – https://plus.google.com/103809839833065657064
    +Joe Wolf (Director of Commerce and Local) – https://plus.google.com/115095563700598435792
    +Chris Messina (Open Web Advocate) – https://plus.google.com/102034052532213921839
    +DeWitt Clinton (Technical Lead/Manager, Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/117377434815709898403
    +David Glazer (Software Make/Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/110563351377427897709
    +Tim Nguyen (Information Security Manager) – https://plus.google.com/115678469582493805997
    +Donal Mountain (Researcher) – https://plus.google.com/118025274811127530848
    +Roshni Malani (Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/105354532715798223299
    +Julian Harris (Software Program Manager) – https://plus.google.com/118299777136505117634
    +Davide Baroncelli (Senior Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/104602423740417750584
    +Jeff Schiller (Front End Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/108240851375674070640
    +David Cohen (Technical Lead on Google+) – https://plus.google.com/116040565882702717981
    +Junio C Hamano (Open Source Program Office) – https://plus.google.com/108182106411180467879
    +Michael Moreno (Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/117247110032950657206
    +Marcin Wichary (Senior User Experience Designer) – https://plus.google.com/101765089097091765365
    +Richard Russell (Senior Sales Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/102950499025665285524
    +Aman Bhargava (Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/114650535663975026769
    +Jos Meijerhof (Senior Conversion Specialist) – https://plus.google.com/100188048145359429598
    +Mary Johnstone (Corporate Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/110689392074076714487
    +Brian Fitzpatrick (Engineer Manager) – https://plus.google.com/101174951617223562800
    +Simon Meacham (Manager of Developer Relations) – https://plus.google.com/110351155041587328439
    +Ali Afshar (Developer Relations) – https://plus.google.com/118327176775959145936
    +Iein Valdez (Developer Relations) – https://plus.google.com/103073491679741548297
    +Fred Sauer (Developer Advocate) – https://plus.google.com/115640166224745944209
    +Riccardo Govoni (Senior Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/112591797208869860791
    +Rory Parle (Software Engineer) – https://plus.google.com/110567719287184353646

    +Thomas Hawk (Friend of Google+) – https://plus.google.com/104987932455782713675

    NOTE: There are more, however I cannot find them. Also, some of these people may be fakes, however I doubt it. Check them out for yourself.

  5. Wanda Worley says:

    trying to locate Google employee, Regis Stern, Executive of Hiring. He contacted me.

  6. A list of Google employees on Google+

  7. yah sure ………….thank you so much buddies


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