Google+ adds much larger cover photos

Google+ has just rolled out a new feature that allows for much larger cover images — up to 2120 x 1192!


They’ve also streamlined the editing process and added a new “local reviews” tab to business pages.

Details can be found on the GreenMellen blog.

Google+ for Android gets new post abilities, moderation and more

android-13013A new update for the Google+ Android app has just rolled out, bringing with it a few nice new features:

  • Support for adding a link when creating a post
  • New notifications tray (now slides in from the right)
  • Additional Community moderation features (remove spam posts from the app)

In addition, the folks at GooglePlusDaily have found a few more updates including a search button in the navigation ribbon and seemingly some nice performance tweaks to help things run more smoothly.

You can grab the latest version of the app from Google Play here.

Finally! Full-screen Hangouts On Air.

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New Pan and Zoom feature for high-res photos

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All about the new “communities” feature

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Google+ getting a major visual overhaul

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Now Google Docs is covered in Hangouts on Google Plus

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Big update to the Google+ iOS app

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Circle management tool improves

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Google+ Android app gets some nice updates

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